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NEWS FROM WES - September 18, 2017


  • Monday, September 18 - PTO Meeting 7 PM
  • Tuesday, September 26 - Parent luncheon with Superintendent Banios and Ms. Mills 11:00 AM (Please RSVP here by Friday, 9/22) 
  • Thursday, September 28  - Picture Day
  • Wednesday, October 4 - Sculpture Fest school-wide field trip
  • Thursday, October 5 - Sculpture Fest rain date 

What Are Paw Prints? 

Paw Prints are part of our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS). Students are recognized with a paw print when they meet a school expectation by being safe, respectful, or ready to learn. There are class and school-wide goals for earning paw prints towards whole group celebrations. 
More important than the paper ticket are the words adults use to acknowledge students' positive behavior. A teacher might give a student a paw print and say, "I noticed that you are lined up quietly and ready to go and learn in the STEM lab." This approach follows the research of psychologists Marcial Losada and Daniel Kahneman. Both found that in order to create positive changes in human behavior, people need a ratio of 5 positive pieces of feedback for everyone 1 negative interaction. 

A first grade student earned a paw print for respectfully offering to help Mr. T collect hotspots in PE.

Lunch with Superintendent Banios

Mary Beth Banios began work as our new superintendent in July. Mary Beth brings with her to WCSU great experience in Massachusetts public schools as a teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent. Parents are invited to lunch in the freshly repainted WES café on Tuesday, September 26th with Ms. Banios and Ms. Mills. We are eager to hear from WES parents your hopes and questions leading into the new school year. Please click the link to RSVP for lunch by Friday, September 22. Lunch on 9/26 will feature local Cloudland Farm beef tacos prepared by our café team. 

Scenes From Around School

Second graders practice tapping out words.

Fourth graders create maps of Vermont geographic regions. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

News from WES 9/6/17

WES Upcoming Events 

  • Monday, September 11 - School Board Meeting 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday, September 13 - Parent Curriculum Night 6:00-7:30 PM (See Schedule)  This is also an opportunity to meet interim Principal Shaun Pickett who will fill in for Ms. Mills during her maternity leave this fall
  • Monday, September, 18 - PTO Meeting 7 PM
  • Tuesday, September 26 - Parent luncheon with Superintendent Banios and Ms. Mills 11:00 AM (Please RSVP here by Friday, 9/22) 
  • Thursday September 28  - Picture Day


These are our three school rules

Second grade students put paw print tickets in their class jar during snack

This year, WES is using the nationally-recognized Positive Behavior Intervention System to strengthen our school culture. 

The four components of PBIS are:  

  • define school rules and expectations for each setting in the school 
  • explicitly teach students the expectations and practice them
  • reinforce the expectations through a recognition system (at WES this means students receive paw prints and have celebrations)
  • develop systems to address problem behaviors 
We launched PBIS at a whole school assembly on the second day of school. Since then, teachers have been teaching students the expectations for safety, respect, and readiness to learn in various places around the school. Students have also been earning paw print tickets when they are noticed meeting these expectations. Each class is planning to celebrate their good work in being safe, respectful, and ready to learn when the class meets their paw print goal. The fifth and sixth graders already met their first goal and celebrated their success with a choice time on Tuesday. We will also have whole school celebrations as we work towards whole school paw print goals.

Parents can get involved! 

  • Ask your child if she/he has been recognized with a paw print lately, where it happened, and what positive behavior she/he displayed.
  • Ask your child what his/her class goal is and how they might celebrate. 
  • Ask you child if she/he knows the three school rules. 
  • Give the WES staff feedback on what you have heard from your child about paw prints. We'd love to hear from you! ( 
5th graders presenting and testing podiums they created as part of a science design challenge

Parent Curriculum Night

Parents are invited to curriculum night on Wednesday, September 13th. This is a great opportunity to hear about what is taught at each grade level, the systems teachers use for communication with parents, and meet the interim principal that will be here October-December. Here is the schedule: 

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade and Fourth Grade
Fifth and Sixth Grade

*Ms. Mills will be circulating during this time to introduce interim principal Mr. Pickett to parents.


  • Drop into the cafe 6-7:30 to meet unified arts teachers, learn about the health series, meet school counselor, Ms. Klocek, or see Ms. Sudol, the nurse. 
  • Drop in at the STEM lab until 7:30
  • Drop in at the library until 7:30

Ms. Gauvin  prepares fourth graders for their STEM lesson for the day


Ms. Gauvin is offering STEM CLUB after school beginning September 18th. The focus of this session is 3D Modeling and Printing. STEM club will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:50 - 3:50pm, Sept 18-Oct 18. Registration is limited to 15 students grades 3-6. Click here to register! 


Thank you for helping us ensure that morning arrival time is safe and smooth. Use the zone in front of the school, between the fire hydrant and the crosswalk, for drop off only. If you need to leave your vehicle to walk your student up to the school, please park across the street or further down by the playground. Drop off gets very busy between 7:50 - and 8:00 am. You are welcome to arrive between 7:30-7:45 am to avoid the rush. 


Welcome Back! I am looking forward to a healthy school year for all. Just a few reminders for parents:

* If your child has an inhaler, Epi Pen, or other medication that may need to be taken during the school day, please bring it to the health office this week. It is crucial that I have inhalers on hand for students even if they have occasional asthma. Please do not wait until they need it to bring it in!
* All medication requires an annual Prescription Medication Order and Permission form that needs to be signed by your child's physician. Please stop in the health office to sign a form. I am happy to fax it to your child's physician if that makes things easier for you.
* Students with Asthma or Life Threatening Allergies need yearly Asthma Action or Emergency Action Plans. These need to be completed by the physician. Please contact your child's physician to request a current plan. It can be faxed directly to me at 802-457-3732.
*If your child has a religious exemption for immunizations, you need to complete an exemption form at the beginning of each school year. This form can be found on the Vermont Department of Health Website or at

If you have any questions or need help accessing these forms, please feel free to stop in or give me a call at 802-457-2522 ext. 1619.

Jamie Sudol MEd, RN - School Nurse

Friday, August 18, 2017

WES Theater Program

~Coming this Fall~
WES Theater Players Presents…
Peter Pan

Information session for student actors grades 3-6 and parent volunteers to be held at 5pm on August 28th in the WES Cafe prior to Meet Your Teacher Night.

WES Welcome Back Letter

August 16, 2017

Dear WES Families,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Woodstock Elementary School, I would like to welcome you to the launch of what is sure to be a positive year of learning and growing with your child! We are pleased to embark on this year’s journey in partnership with your family. The first day of school is rapidly approaching (August 30th), and we hope to see you all for Meet Your Teacher Night on Monday, August 28th from 5:30-6:30pm. Students will learn their homeroom assignments at Meet Your Teacher Night and have a chance to visit their new classrooms and teachers.

The Woodstock Elementary School Board of Directors continued its commitment to improving the look and feel of the school this summer. Painters refreshed the offices, cafeteria, hallways, and third floor classrooms, and the building looks fantastic. I hope you and your child will find it an inviting space for work and play.

Please join me in welcoming new faculty to our team:
Kelley Grace, 5th and 6th grade math; Kristen Hubbell, 3rd and 4th grade math; Peg Fothergill and Katie McCormack, special education. Our support staff also includes new cafe staff and several new para-educators. We have such a depth of skill and immense dedication to children among our staff. You can visit the WES website for a complete list of faculty and staff assignments. (

We have two action plan initiatives for the 2017-18 school year. One is the launch of Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS). Please look for information about PBIS at Meet Your Teacher Night in our parent information packet and school handbook. The second initiative is improving our school-wide tiered math and reading intervention systems to ensure that all students make continuous progress in math and reading.

As always, if there are ways we can collaborate to best serve your child, we want to hear from you. Please be in touch if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for us.

Maggie Mills

NEWS FROM WES - September 18, 2017

WES UPCOMING EVENTS  Monday, September 18 - PTO Meeting 7 PM Tuesday, September 26 - Parent luncheon with Superintendent Banios and Ms...