Saturday, October 20, 2018

News from WES 10-20-18


  • October 22-26 - Health Center Tile Art Project at WES
  • Wednesday, October 31 - WES Halloween Parade starting ~1:45-2:00pm - families welcome to come watch the parade down Rte.106 and around the Green! 
  • Wednesday, October 31  - end of first quarter 
  • Friday, November 2 - Picture Retake Day
  • Friday November 9 - Harvest Hoedown - all families welcome! 
  • Monday, November 19 - WCUD board meeting at WES 6pm
  • November 13-20 K-4 parent conferences and 5-6 student-led conferences 
  • Wed-Friday November 21-23 No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • November 26-30 - PreK conferences
Report Card, Conference, and Learning Celebration Timeline
2018-2019 School Year

K-6 report cards are mailed home four times per year. Classroom teachers coordinate completion of the report cards for the students in their classes. Unified Arts teachers contribute to the report cards for the 2nd and 4th semesters. Report cards are completed on a web-based service called VCAT.

Learning progress meetings are held with families two times during the year. In addition, parents or teachers should feel free to request informal conferences held as needed for individual students throughout the year.


Conferences will be held in the fall for all students. The purpose of this conference is to discuss progress thus far, address areas of concern, and discuss goals and supports moving forward.
PreK-fourth grade hold “traditional” parent-teacher conferences at the end of the first quarter.
Fifth and sixth grade hold “student-led” conferences at the end of the first quarter. We have found that students at this age level are developmentally ready to be part of a discussion with parents and teachers that aligns with the purpose described above.
K-6 first quarter report cards will be mailed out prior to the fall conference, and parents may bring the report card and/or questions about progress to be addressed at the fall conference.
PreK parents will receive a progress report at the fall conference.

Spring student-led learning celebrations:  Students in kindergarten-fourth grade will have an opportunity to share their work with their families in a celebratory manner during third quarter, the week of March 18-22.
PreK will have a traditional spring parent conference.
Parents are always welcome to request a meeting with teachers to discuss concerns.


Below are the anticipated times for the end of each marking period, report cards and conferences.

October 31: first quarter ends
November 6-10:  report cards and SBAC scores mailed (SBAC grades 4-6)
November 13-20:  K-4 parent conferences, 5-6 student-led conferences
November 26-30 preK parent conferences

January 14: second quarter ends
January 28-2/1: report cards mailed home


April 1: third quarter ends
April 8-12: report cards mailed home, parent conferences by parent request

June 10-14 report cards mailed home

We Want to Hear from You! 
Windsor Central Supervisory Union’s students, parents, families, and community members
Our Portrait of a Graduate is a new vision for our district. It serves as a North Star, guiding our schools to ensure we meet the needs of all students, as we prepare them to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing world.
Share your feedback on our Portrait! Take the survey at QUESTIONS:
Contact: Rayna Bishop 


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From 7:30-7:40 is a great time to drop off your child if you drive to WES. Traffic really picks up from 7:45-8:00 and it is harder to find a space to safely pull in or to park and walk in.  Parking on the Green and walking over is always an option. It is free to park on the Green in the morning. Please do not let your child out in the roadway. Please do not drop children off on School Street on the side of the school. This is a bus-only street from 7:30-8:00.  Watch all crosswalks for walkers! Thank you for your patience and for operating safely with all children in mind in the morning. 

Also, please remember that it is our protocol to welcome families to the lobby, cafeteria, and playground areas in the morning. We have many morning meetings happening between 7:30-8:00 in classrooms at WES and it is necessary for the hallways to be clear and quiet before school. 

The Woodstock Community Food Shelf Thanksgiving Project

Sign up by Monday November 13

Dear Families, 

The Woodstock Community Food Shelf is giving out Thanksgiving Baskets to local families. We have a mission to help any local family who needs a little help with groceries, especially at Thanksgiving. 

If you and your family live in Vermont, and would like to receive a basket this year, we invite you to come to the Woodstock Community Food Shelf on Maxham Meadow Way and sign up.

Your basket would typically contain items for a family of four including a frozen turkey, 5 lbs of potatoes, onions, celery, stuffing mix, gravy, cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin or other pie filling. Sometimes pie shells, pickles, or other extras are available. 

If you would like to obtain a basket, we ask that you first register at the Food Shelf and then sign up for a basket. 

Registration is simple, asks only very basic questions, respects your privacy and information, and takes only about 5 minutes. 

Please bring with you your Vermont driver’s license, or a rent/utility bill, as our area of service is only for those presently living in Vermont. After you have registered, all that is left to do is sign the sheet for a Thanksgiving basket.

Hours for signing up are Mondays from 4-6pm, Wednesdays from 1-3pm and Saturday from 10-12.

The deadline for signing up for a Thanksgiving basket is November 12. Baskets are to be picked up on Saturday morning, November 17, from 9:30 until noon.

If you have questions, please call the Food Shelf during open hours at
457-1185 or Sheila Murray at 457-1701 or Leigh Snell at 457-3661.

With warm wishes, 

The Woodstock Community Food Shelf 

Halloween at Norman Williams Public Library 

The trustees of NWPL invite trick-or-treaters and parents to include the library on your Halloween route.  Members of the library board will be out front to greet you and hand out treats for everyone, from 4:45 to 6:30.  Come and meet some of the folks in our community who work behind the scenes to help our library thrive.

We look forward to seeing you! 


The Woodstock Police Department has provided WES with a candy collection barrel located in the front entry way. The department will distribute candy to the folks who live in our safe trick-or-treating area here in town - they get a huge troop of trick-or-treaters! As of Friday afternoon, there were just two bags of candy in the bin. Please consider helping out. 

News from WES 6-20-19

Dear WES Families,  Happy Summer! I hope this email finds you well. Please see updates below about the playground, report cards, and mor...